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Should I choose a Porcelain Tile that Looks Like Wood to Floor my House?

Porcelain tile floor

Porcelain Wood Tile Floor

Deciding on whether to choose a porcelain tile that looks like wood is a large decision that has long lasting effects on the look and functionality of your house. Until just recently in the past the costumer has had the options to choose between only two types of floor. The two choices that they have always been given in the past are between the real hardwood flooring and the laminate that is used quite often today. The first one is authentic and durable but is hard to clean and maintain and is quiet expensive as well as easy to scratch and ruin. The second one is cheap and easy to clean but not so long lasting.

Well customers now have the third choice, which called porcelain that looks like wood tile floor. This new choice combines the qualities of the two other choices. It has the appearance of the wood in a very beautiful artistic perfect way that makes it hard to tell the difference between the porcelain tile that looks like wood and the real hardwood flooring.

This perfect wood look floor comes along with many other qualities. The porcelain tileĀ  that looks like wood is very easy to clean compared with the real wood flooring. This easy to clean tile is combined with moreĀ  durability and resistance to water and other fluids commonly found in the bathroom.

The greatest advantage of porcelain tiles that look like wood is the environmental. Natural timber comes from our forests. As well as destroying the environment and animal habitats it impacts on global warming. These reasons alone make avoiding timber a compelling option.

porcelain tile home

While the tiles are a little more expensive the characteristics of porcelain wood tiles more that offsets the additional expense. Porcelain tile floors are easy to clean and need minimal maintenance.

Porcelain tiles are quiet easy to lay so anyone interested in DIY work have a new floor in a short time with the hardest part being the effect desired. For example you could choose, Redwood, Mahogany, Barn wood etc. Tiles with special effects are also available eg Eroded Wood. Doing it yourself makes the project cheaper and once finished you will have a well earned feeling of accomplishment.

It should be remembered, however ,that these tiles are heavier and harder to cut than wood and special equipment is needed – this can be borrowed, hired or purchased. If you choose to purchase you may decide to keep it or resell when you have no further use for it

The tiles are so easy to clean that clean after parties is simply sweep and mop.

As conclusion, you may choose porcelain tiles that looks like wood for the following reasons:
-Easy to clean
-Liquid resistant and durable
-Easy to install
-Huge environmental benefits


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