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Enjoy walking on your floor with porcelain tile that looks like wood

Porcelain tail floorChoosing what to use for flooring your home is very important for finishing your renovation with success.Few years ago you could choose only between two types: the real hardwood flooring or the laminate.If you choose the first one you will get an authentic and durable choice but so hard to clean and expensive,as for the second one is cheaper and easier to clean than the first one but is not so durable.

Well this ends now with the new modern flooring decoration called porcelain tile that looks like wood.The new choice is combining the qualities of the two older choices.This kind of porcelain is looking exactly the same with wood. From a distance it looks perfect with wood that you will not even know the difference.

But if you are going to make an important choice like this you will need more than this. Well porcelain tile that looks like wood is not only duplicating the woody look in a very attractive eye catching way, it is also durable. The hardness ranges from 6-9 on the Mohs scale. The Mohs is a ten level scale which means that those which ranges from 1 (talc) to 10 (diamond). This durability is very important if you have kids or pets or you enjoy moving the furniture around, because with porcelain tile you don’t have to worry about damaging the floor.

Even that is so resistant, porcelain tile that look like wood is very easy to install, means that instead of paying an expensive professional ( maybe more) to install it, you can put that money in your pocket.

If you like your bathroom to have the woody look, and you couldn’t do that before since wood will keep absorbing water making it will easily¬† be ruined, you have the solution now since porcelain tiles combine the woody look with water resistant power.

Of course when you use the porcelain tile that looks like wood instead of the real wood you will help preserve nature by protecting the trees and forests that would have been cut if you were going to use the real wood.

Porcelain Floor TileAnother important thing, unlike the real wood, these tiles are so easy to clean which will make you worry less about keeping the house clean.

It is fair also to point out that this kind of tiles have bigger density, so they are  heavier to carry and harder to cut which is why they are a little bit expensive.

In the end it is your choice whether you choose between these choices. But always remember that the porcelain that looks like wood has the following advantages:

-You can clean them easily.
-You can install them easily with no professionals needed.
-You can use them in wet environments such as bathrooms.
-They are very solid and durable and they don’t scratch.
-By choosing them you get the woody look and you protect the forests at the same time.


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