Porcelain Tile That Looks Like Wood

What is a Porcelain tile that looks like wood?

Porcelain tiles can have the effective quality to look like wood even though they are the a type of ceramic tile. The water absorbing rate of these tiles is around 0.5%, and they ares often used to cover the walls and floors. These Porcelain tiles can be either glazed or unglazed. This kind of tile can be used both in houses and in commercial institutions.

Advantages of Porcelain tiles

Porcelain being one of the many forms of ceramic tiles provides the most glamorous look and brings atmosphere where ever it is installed. They  provide a look similar to wood; giving the feeling of wooden flooring at your premises.

Porcelain Tile That Looks Like Wood

Appearance of wood

Disadvantages of Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles are denser compared to the ordinary ceramic tiles and this often makes it heavier. Due to the heavy weight, these tiles are hard to drill and cut and that often increases the expense. Don’t forget, due to its effective qualities, Porcelain Tiles That Look Like Wood are already expensive to buy. The polished porcelain also requires the process of sealing which can easily be avoided for the glazed tiles.

Comparison between wooden flooring and porcelain tiles

There are some of the effective grounds on which the wooden flooring can easily be compared to Porcelain Tile That Looks Like Wood. The effectiveness often lets the customers to stick to the porcelain tiles as they have more advantages compared to wood. Some of the effective grounds on which the wooden flooring can be compared with porcelain tiles are:

•    Wooden flooring often has the quality to provide scratches due to some of considerable properties. The wooden floor once and when experiences a scratch cannot be recovered and often turns expensive for effective replacement of the wood. This can easily be avoided with the porcelain tiles. The porcelain tiles look similar to wood but have the different features and properties that make it more demanding and efficient.

•    The wood has an extensive phenomenon to crack or expend, especially during the wet environment. The regular contact with water can increase these harmful effects of the wood; hence wooden floorings are hard to handle. These disorders can deliberately be avoided with the porcelain tiles. As they have the effective properties similar to the ordinary ceramic tiles.

•    Wide planks are the flavor of this recent decade, which is effectively followed in both personal and commercial grounds. But to keep a note on the expense, the wide wooden planks are much expensive compared to the normal wooden planks. The customers often need to compromise with their taste to have a check on the expense. This can easily be avoided with the porcelain tiles as they have the effective property to be moulded into any shape, size or width as per the taste and preference of the customers.

•    The tiles have an effective feature of providing radiant heating. This process is often missed with the wooden floorings.

•    The tiles are easier to clean and handle rather than the wooden floorings. You are not required to be cautious about your flooring whenever you throw a party for your friends. The effective properties of porcelain tiles make it durable and easy usable.

•    Another short yet effective benefit to have the tile fitting at your environment can be experienced during the summer days. The tiles usually keep our place cooler as compared to the wooden floorings. Though this comparison does not just rest in between porcelain tiles and wooden flooring, the effective installation of tiles can be an effective solution to keep your house cooler especially in the warmer areas.

To have a positive note on the porcelain tiles, it is advised to choose the color of the tile efficiently. As, if the choice rests somewhat different to the usual wood color, your show off can easily go in vain. The porcelain tiles provide the perfect wood like feeling to your environment whether you have chosen it for your house or for your commercial estate. Though, they are regarded expensive, but are yet less expensive than the original and elegant wooden flooring.


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